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Welcome to Wolf Paw

Tipi Village


  The families of Wolf Paw Tipi Village have come together to create a space to Re –connect and Re – member their place in the great web of life. We follow the teachings of the American and Canadian Plains Indians and do our very best to walk the “Red Road”.

The aim and motivation behind the creation of this space, is to offer both “Rustic Tipi Experiences” and the use of our special ceremonial space – a place where together we can learn and re-connect and re – member what we have forgotten. The Tipi Village hosts Shamanic and Traditional Native American Indian workshops, events and gatherings.

 At the heart of the tipi village you will find “Black Elk” Tipi a massive 30ft ceremonial tipi which is perfect for ceremonies, gatherings and events. The village has another 4 tipis, 3 x 18.5ft and a 16ft tipi which are ideal for Shamanic residential workshops. We work closely with The Ecology Project here within the grounds that have various on-going projects.

We are working with “Wind Spirit” of Oxford, and together we will be building a traditional “Blackfoot Sundance Sweat Lodge” here, in time for the Spring Equinox 2014.

We aim to offer you a unique magical Tipi experience,  a place to enjoy the simplicity,  pleasures and beauty of outdoor living.  Set atop an old Iron Age Hill Fort surrounded by ancient woodland in the grounds of a stately17th Century Manor House (currently under renovation) in Bodenham Hereford. The Black Mountains frame our views to the back and The Malverns to the left, Herefordshire Countryside is like a patchwork quilt in front of you. Only 28miles from M5 and 25 miles from M50.